I’ve always had a passion for networking during my working years, with my first introduction to networking being BNI or Business Networking International during my Telstra days.   As a communications specialist, I was always the one person in the room that totally cleaned up when it came to business leads & introductions.

During all this time however, I didn’t take Linkedin seriously.   I had a profile, and was connecting to new people occasionally and over the years I had managed to accumulate about 500 connections.

It wasn’t until I swapped jobs and found the local chamber of commerce events seemed to have the same people at each event, I know I had to look for other options.

The days it all clicked for me was Wednesday 14th May 2014.   The business I was working for at the time,  had decided it wanted to upgrade all the sales staff to a premium Linkedin membership for the year.  As part of that deal, I got to meet Anne Nicole from Linkedin and we started chatting about what people were doing on Linkedin and the success they were experiencing.

I decided that I would give Linkedin Groups a go, I went into it head first with no expectation of what to expect and in a lot of ways pure blind faith that something great was going to happen.

Lucky I was in for a challenge, as I definately got my fair share of curve balls while I was working out how to scale.   I first new there was something to this, when I started to create face to face events.   It was the Linkedin Group, that started to build my professional brand and increase my visibility in the marketplace.

I have not doubt from my experience that  “Visibility Creates Opportunity”

The job offers, the partnership opportunities, the collaboration, contra discussions have all stemmed from the “social notoriety” that Linkedin has provided for me.  Hence I am a total believer in the power, that Linkedin provides.

From this small change, the flow on effects have been huge.  When I took a redundancy from the business I was working for at the time, Linkedin provided me a platform to express my situation and offered up numerous options, and the visibility also provided me with a choice of employers.

As at 19/11/17, I have achieved over 10800 connections and the Toowoomba Queensland Community Linkedin Group which now has over 2139 members.   As you can imagine quite a few people I don’t know personally, however I have has some great chats with a lot of them and certainly done a lot of business.

My advice to someone starting out on the Linkedin journey.  Set yourself a goal of the number of useful connections you want to achieve, and make sure you are reaching out to a minimum of 10 people a day.  After 12 months, you will be presently surprised and automatically be in the top 1% of Linkedin users.