I can’t actually remember when  I started to take business networking seriously, however as long as I can remember, I have memories of meeting new people and ultimately those relationships began to grow into discussing mutually beneficial partnerships.

The successful people around me, always seem to credit a lot of their success to the “network” of people they have on their team or access to in some capacity.  Many have told me that a huge factor in their journey can be attributed to the people they have met through different forms of business networking.

I’ve seen so many benefits, but here is a list that I have personally experienced over the last 20 or so years.

  1.  You can expand your circle of influence and ultimately your visibility to those who you can either help, or maybe they can help you.
  2. There are many scenario’s where it would seem beneficial to call on your network for advice, support and assistance.
  3. I’ve found that by extending support, help, assistance to your network that you build a very grateful and thankful group of people around you.
  4. The more people in your network, the larger pool of people you have to draw on their knowledge, as well as to discover new sources of information.
  5. Being able to bounce ideas of a variety of people, gives you the benefit of seeing things not only from a different perspective,  but with a fresh set of eyes.
  6. The financial opportunites that business networking provides will come from many different avenues including referrals, offers for business partnerships, more information on the produce or service you provide, speaking and writing opportunies as well as the opportunity to sell your business or other assets your have built up.
  7. Business Networking provides a platform, not only to grow your confidence, but also to vehicle to talk to and connect with new people.
  8. Over the last 3 years, I’ve personally experienced the huge benefit of not just building a personal brand, but the making yourself move visible in the local business community.
  9. It allows you to build a reputation for being the go to person in your niche or field of expertise and a reputation for being knowledgeable as people get to know you.
  10. I’ve personally found new suppliers or people to do business with at business networking events, but I’ve also made a heap of great friendships with people who I am unlikely to be able to do business with for whatever reason.
  11. Business people who attend regular business networking events are normally great positive influences to be around.
  12. Being able to meet people who you would not normally meet in your day to day personal or business life.
  13. Networking has given me a lot of insights into not only what is happening in my market segment, but also what other changes are happening in the industries around me.  This can sometimes give you an insight in what might affect your industry in the future, or provide ideas on other ways to do business.
  14. I found business networking was a great way for me to explain to new prospects how my business can help, which over time has made me more confident in front of actual clients.
  15. Using business networking as a vehicle to enable you to conduct market research casually during your discussions.
  16. It allows you to build and nuture your network, which ultimately will support your career or business advancement.
  17. First hand I can attest to business networking providing you with an sudo insurance policy, if you were ever to lose your job, or close up your business.
  18. Your network can provide you with warm introductions to people, as opposed to a cold introduction for someone you don’t know.

If you have any further benefits I’ve missed, I would love to hear them.