Something that I have am noticing more and more regularly, is how the front line staff in a number of businesses are having trouble resetting their attitude between phone calls or even between the people they have lined up in front of them.  One negative conversation or experience, seems to spill over to the next conversation or phone call, or even worse to everyone they meet or chat to for the day. With the importance of first impressions at stake, and a world where poor online reviews mean a genuine loss of sales, this problem makes business sense to solve.

In some instances I have witnessed, I can also see the flow on effect from that one person to a series of clients and conversations, but also to the other staff that work with them.

So here is my question….. How do you help you these employee’s to reset their mood, attitude and mindset ready for the next client or supplier interaction?

Any sales professional that has had experience in cold calling, will understand the need to reset their mood, before they pickup the phone the next time.   Are these the skills we should be teaching to the non-sales members in a business?

A number of things come to mind, to reset the mind between interactions which would be totally impracticable in a busy work environment including taking a break, reading a book, getting a coffee, listen to positive music and having a nap.

Three ideas that spring to mind initially that could work are:

  1. wear a thick rubber band on your wrist and after a negative call or experience you flick the rubber band, to help reset your positive attitude and get you back on track for the next interaction.
  2. adjust your posture, back straight, head up, breathe in and breathe out…..
  3. pause, reflect, think about it and accept the lesson and move on.

Would love to hear your thoughts or alternative solutions in the comments below.