In a world where, we as humans have an attention span that is less then 8 seconds and this is on a trajectory towards 1 second. Focus in one thing we will forever struggle with in this evolving digital world.

However, Focus is also our biggest opportunity at the same time.  Personally, I am always inquisitive and always looking for something new to dig my teeth into and learn, and as a millennial growing up, I’m always looking out for the next “Shiny Ball” to play with.

Listening to a podcast from Gary Vaynerchuck, this morning chatting to a 22 year old women, he discussed the concept of being laser focused on your niche, rather then half pregnant on 20 different things.   This resonated quite well with me and definately hit home, the need to focus.

Working with a business success coach recently, the same topic of focus was brought up and it was to make sure we picked the 4 most important things to do in the next 90 days.    By doing this we make sure we can achieve this and move forward within the project to the next 4 things.   There also needs to be a massive “WHY” and some weekly accountability to make this happen.

So how do you find ways to train your brain to focus for longer?

a) I find turning off the distractions of life which include phones, social media and email.

b) I find working when the world is sleeping in the morning, helps me to get more achieved in quicker timeframe

c) I use a timer set to 45 minutes, which allows my mind to take a break and also know where the next break will be.  Even if the break is only 5 minutes to get up, walk around, grab a drink etc.

d) I like the room to be slightly cold, for some reason my brain seems to respond better, then in a hot environment.

e) I like music with no words, that I can listen to, but doesn’t distract the thoughts I’m working on in my head.

f) I also find focusing on one task at a time and prioritising these tasks in order (even swapping the order as I ‘m going)   Just have to remember, not to be biased on what you want to do vs what you need to be doing.


Let me know what you do to help you focus…..










Extra information:

Where focus goes, energy flows